Thursday, April 30, 2009

My man and his dog

An impromptu photo session one morning with my handsome boyfriend, Jay and his beautiful puppy, Madison.

Spring has finally hit Brooklyn

I take a lot of pictures, deal with it

This blog will consist of pictures. Simply pictures and a few words here and there. My other blog, Word Nerd, is for words (obviously), more specifically poems, short stories, and hybrids of the two. This, like I said, is for pictures because I take a copious amount of pictures on a daily basis because I have an iphone with an awesome app called camerabag, which makes me feel like every picture I take is awesome (even if it isn't). Every picture posted is from my iphone and sometimes the photos will not relate and sometimes they will, but nonetheless, please enjoy my photography because it is just a hobby of mine and well, I enjoy it.
For my first instillation, I'm going to be very vain and post several pictures of ME! So, this is me.

This is me.

Infrared rarely looks cool on people

On my roof, in Helga

Reflected in my front door

Me, under a slide, in Lolo effect

This is polariod, obviously

This is called cinema effect, I dig it

This is my friend Lulu. Yes, I know she's adorable

This is Madaline, she's real, I promise

googley eye glasses