Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday sky after a storm

Food Photography

I wish I were as talented as Devon Knight when it comes to taking professional food photographs, but I'm not, so I take pictures of him taking pictures. Jay and Devon are working on a project called, Corner Store Restaurateur, where they use only ingredients found in local Brooklyn bodegas or gardens. They did their first run with gazpacho, chicken chimichangas, and orange zest flan. It was delicious and I look forward to more of their meals and I'll be linking up with their blog/site as soon as it's up and running so I hope you guys will keep an eye out for it. (My pictures do Devon's pictures or the food no justice).

Oh Puppies in the Park

Ju-Ju and Madison meet another pup in the park.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Roof Top

The Body Politic: June 13, 2009

REPUBLIC Brooklyn and The Brooklyn Art Collective present The Body Politic, started out with a bang and continued to please throughout Saturday night. Those who arrived early received free record bracelets from Wrecords (made by Monkey) and had the pleasure of seeing a breathtaking performance piece by Jennifer Mills. Navigating blindly (literally), Jennifer wore a blind-fold and felt her way through a midst of inanimate household objects hung on clear string from the rafters, stopping occasionally to eat fresh fruit. Every piece in the show, from the three video projection pieces and mixed media installations to photography and paintings, was stunning and provoked much appreciation. Guests were able to see how the artists explored the anatomy, physicality, biology, and substance of the human body; its functions and failings, its fervor and vivacity, in order to extrapolate the idea of using the human body to represent a larger political, philosophical, and social whole.

The enthusiasm of the crowds really sparked as the bands begun perfomring at 9:30 and the dance-party continued as they played on until midnight. ASARanson's energy was infectious, then Buke and Gass slowed the vibe down with some awesome folky tunes. Anamanaguchi got JUNGLE bumping again, playing a few well-known hits and some high energy songs of their own. Guests danced, laughed, mingled, and overall enjoyed the massive space, the art pieces that filled it, and each other's company and rousing energy.